Black Chestnut


An incredibly special native soybean from Korea. Soy is one of the oldest cultivated crops in Korea where there are hundreds of native cultivars and wild relatives. This late maturing variety is one of many referred to as bam kong, or chestnut bean. Plants are very vigorous, standing at around 3' tall and developing a bushy habit. They produce two or three beans per pod. Soybeans have also played an indispensable role in sustainable farming systems in Korea, and other parts of East Asia, contributing nitrogen and organic matter to soils. These seeds have been preserved by native seed activists on the peninsula, because of the important story they share, as well as their multi-faceted nutritional content.

Growing tips

Soybeans are warm season annuals who flower in response to short days. They are fairly determinate, maturing their beans mostly in one big push.

When to plant

Direct seed once all threat of frost has passed. Optimal temperature for germination is 70+F between May and June, with soil temperatures >70F.

Planting depth





Full to partial sunlight


Moderate. Deep, infrequent waterings. Avoid oversaturation of soil.

Days to maturity

120+ days from emergence