At the end of the season, before the first frost threatens to end chili pepper season, it's time for this delicious banchan. Chilies are harvested along with their leaves, and pickled in a soy brine. Lady Choi pepper was bred as a multi-use chili, making a delicious dried pepper flake, but also with a thick wall and flavor to complement this preparation.

Wash chilies and poke a hole through the body with a skewer or fork (makes...

December 20, 2017


Korean radish / daikon 2.5 ~ 3 lb

Carrot 1 bunch or ~ 1 lb


Spring onion / scallion 1 bunch

Green garlic 1 bunch (3 - 4 index finger width stalks)


Garlic, grated 3 - 4 medium sized cloves

Ginger, julienned 1 walnut sized nub

Spicy green chili (serrano or jalepeno will do) 1 or 2

Chrysanthemum 1 bunch

Coarse sea salt* ½ cup

Filtered water 2 cups

Lady Hermit chili flakes ½ cup

Filtered water 8  - 10 cups

Coarse sea salt*...

November 20, 2017

This delicious classic comes courtesy of Steve Joo, one of the chefs at Nokni Restaurant (Oakland). 

Perilla leaves 16 - 18 palm-sized leaves

Shitake mushroom, small dice 20 g

Garlic, grated 1 medium sized clove

Ginger, grated about half the amount of garlic

Soy sauce 1 t

Sugar ¼ t

Tofu, firm 200 g

Salt ½ t

Lady Hermit chili powder ¼ t

Rice flour 2 T

Egg, beaten with 1 t water 1 whole

Grapeseed oil

This recipe calls for pan-frying perilla...

Jeolla-do province in the southwestern portion of the Korean peninsula is a region known for its many distinct food and agricultural traditions. It's credited with being the center of gochujang production and the main area where this variety of kimchi is enjoyed. We developed our Jeolla-do Large Leaf Korean mustard as a tribute to the region and to the Lee family of Namu Restaurants who originally gave us seed from their famil...

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