Jeolla Do Large Leaf

Red Mustard

Developed from a wild mustard in Korea, this variety has been selected for deep purple coloring, large leaf and pink petioles. Coarse leafed, with a delicious pungent mustard flavor, it's primarily used for mustard kimchi, a specialty of Jeolla Do province. It's hardy constitution also makes it fairly resistant to most pests in the field.

Growing tips

Mustard greens are cool season annuals.

When to plant

Direct seed in early spring or fall. Germinates with temperatures between 60-65F and generally enjoys and thrives in temperatures up to 85F.

Planting depth



Direct seed at a rate of about 6 seeds/ft. Once established plants should be given 10-12”.


Full or partial. Sunlight affects pigmentation, so direct light for at least half the day will produce more vibrantly purple-colored leaves.


Low to moderate. For the most part we can rely on even inconsistent rains in the winter and spring to provide ample moisture.

Days to maturity

50-60 days from emergence for leaves.