Joseon Shorty

Asian Cucumber

Heirloom Korean cucumber variety. Pale green-white body with dark green shoulders, fruits are between 6-8" long. Refreshingly crunchy and dense when young. This variety matures to a beautiful russeted golden color, growing to be over 1' long with a circumference the size of my forearm. Known as 노각, they are a special fall favorite around the Korean countryside where they are seen at local markets. An interesting fact is that Korean cucumbers exhibit a high percentage of pistillate (fruit bearing) flowers. Their genetics have been used extensively in producing high yielding pickling cucumbers in the US, enabling mechanized harvesting. Vigorous plants grow incredibly robust vines and are not generally susceptible to pests. Their pistillate flowers are born on lateral shoots, so it's necessary to encourage branching. Avoid pruning to one central leader.

Growing tips

Cucumbers are warm season annuals. They prefer fertile soil with a slightly acidic to neutral pH ~6.5.

When to plant

Direct seed once soil temperatures are adequately warm: >70F Start seeds indoors 3-4 weeks prior to transplanting in field in 50-cell trays

Planting depth



If direct seeding plant a seed every 6”. Once plants are established, thin or transplant so that plants have 12-18” between them.


Full to partial


These are water loving plants. To ensure good fruiting, consistent adequate watering is needed. Irregularities in irrigation can result in bitterness or low fruit set.

Days to maturity

60-70 days from transplant for young fruit. An additional 30 days for nogak.