Lady Choi

Chili Pepper

This versatile Korean chili was developed in partnership with Namu restaurant group owner/chef Dennis Lee. Originally from his aunt's farm in Korea, we selected this variety within multiple progeny lines. It is delicious in all stages. The dried chili is one part of the classic pepper blend gochugaru. Spicy, but still flavorful, the green chilies are served with doenjang, or pickled whole in a soy brine. A moderately thick membrane, this pepper is juicy and hot when fresh, and bright when dried.

Growing tips

Gochu are warm season annuals. They are indeterminate, producing a steady supply of peppers throughout the season. They appreciate fertile, well drained soil with a neutral pH. Amending with lime or gypsum to adjust overly acidic or alkaline soils will aid growth and fruiting.

When to plant

Start seeds indoors 8 weeks prior to transplanting. Seeds need temperatures of 70F, and soil temperatures of 80F.

Planting depth

Seeds can be sown in open tray or 200 cell flats ¼” deep, then potted up to 50 cell trays or larger pots once their first true leaf forms.


18-24” between plants


Full or partial. Plants have a fairly robust canopy which helps to prevent scalding of fruit.


Moderate, intermittent watering. Avoid prolonged periods of drought. Mulch can help, and also keep soils cool, preventing blossom drop.

Days to maturity

Approximately 70 days from transplanting to green chilies. Harvest first flushes of green fruit to encourage more fruiting. Harvest ripe peppers about 90 days after transplanting and sundry