Second Generation Seeds is a project devoted to the preservation and improvement of heirloom Asian herbs and vegetables. For centuries, farmers and the crops they tended to shaped each others' experiences and character. Through small scale selection and variety improvement based on growing characteristics and regional culinary preferences, robust and dynamic food cultures emerged. Distinct cultivars were developed, creating a wealth of unique genetics specific to the communities who grew them. Biodiversity in all forms on the farm and within the seed was critical to vigor and resilience.

We aspire to honor our lineages by offering high quality, organically grown, open-pollinated varieties that are invaluable to the people who love them. We hope to support and incentivize small scale seed production by creating meaningful economies for Asian-American farmers and food advocates. Through our collaborations with growers, breeders, chefs, and community organizations, we work to identify and develop desirable traits for Asian crops, in our hopes of imbuing them with relevance for the future. 

This site is designed to widen our circle of dialogue about all the elements needed to pass on old stories, and imagine new ones. We want to design new forms of participatory research that excite and empower our communities. Ultimately we want to support all of you in your seed adventures, so that our decisions and practices uphold the integrity we desire for the world. While we hope this seed line makes accessible rare and unique crops, we want the real product to be a sound and strong network of growers invested in one another, whose efforts in growing these seeds each season will result in a wealth of widely adapted seeds suited for a multitude of places. 

We believe that seeds are storytellers, protectors of our traditions. In choosing to grow them and save them each season, they remind us of our collective memories, and we commit ourselves to keeping those memories alive for generations to come.

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SEED STEWARDS: We work in tandem with community organizations, chefs and food advocates to work on a season long seed preservation project. We help support internal community building to identify, remember and deepen our relationships to heritage crops and cultural foodways. Our "Farm HQ" in Winters, California, shares tools, resources and space for our seed stewards to learn every aspect of growing a crop from seed sowing to seed cleaning. Community partners facilitate storytelling sessions to help us collectively remember the place these crops have had in our histories, and chefs and food advocates energize the conversation by creating culinary iterations steeped in tradition. 










GROWERS' COLLABORATIVE: We work with growers around the country to share, multiply and adapt seed stocks to various climates. We are working on creating online tools to facilitate a decentralized seed bank, where preservation means actively growing and continually improving. We also know that biodiversity should always go hand in hand with other forms of diversity, and that we need to keep alive the stories and details of our real relationships to plants, not merely the genetics. 


Remembering Kundol with Aileen Suzara, Pilipino Youth Coalition, and Sama Sama 


Napa cabbage trials: Kimjang with Korean American Coalition to End Domestic Abuse

Napa cabbage trials: Planting with Dotori Collective

Cleaning pepper and eggplant seeds at Nonghwal Farm School

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