Sagwa Chamoe

Apple Melon

Considered to be a native variety of melon within Korea, plants are sturdy and vigorous with prolific fruiting capacity. Fruits mature to a beautiful cream/white color, with green flesh that remains crunchy when ripe. Refreshing and sweet reminiscent of Melona ice cream bars. Most native landrace melons decreased in production during the Japanese occupation of Korea, replaced by the sweeter yellow and white striped Euncheon chamoe. This rare heirloom has predominantly been preserved by small farmers in Gyeonggi-do who consider this a regional treasure.

Growing tips

Chamoe are warm seasonal annual crops. They appreciate reasonably fertile soil that is loose and well drained. Being a landrace preserved and developed by peasants, they are quite vigorous in low or no input systems.

When to plant

Direct seed once soil temperatures are >70F and when weather has settled. Start indoors 3-4 weeks prior to transplanting in field in 50-cell trays

Planting depth



If direct seeding, place 3 seeds every 6”. Thin or transplant at 12” spacing.




More drought tolerant than other cucurbits. Depending on soil type can be reasonably dry farmed or solely rain fed.

Days to maturity

70 days from transplant.