Reconnect with Asian heirlooms.

We are Second Generation, devoted to helping communities of the Asian diaspora discover and deepen their cultural heritage through seeds.


We are a collective of Asian American growers, inviting our community to reclaim the narrative around Asian crops and their foodways. 

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Empower fellow growers 

Among Asian American small scale growers, we offer collective resources for seed sharing and crop cultivation, using practices that preserve culture and ancestral knowledge while building climate resilience. Together, we aim to create a more thriving, racially just market of Asian heirlooms.

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Engage our community

We partner with chefs, community organizations, and food advocates to help the diaspora community build relationships to Asian heirlooms and their cultural foodways. Recipes, videos, and stories help us collectively remember the role plants and people have had in shaping our identity.

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Our Seeds

Our Second Generation line is a collaborative effort to preserve and improve heirloom Asian crops. Our seeds are grown with small scale growers in mind, and are selected to thrive in low-input, organic systems. We work with farmers, chefs and organizers to design processes that engage our communities, and uplift our shared love of ancestral plants and foodways.  

38N Kkaennip

Korean Perilla

Lady Choi

Chili Pepper

Black Chestnut

Soy Bean


Our Roots

Second Generation is a project born out of Kitazawa Seed Company, the oldest seed company in America specializing in Asian vegetable seeds.


Kitazawa has a rich 100-year history that echoes the resilience of the Asian American community. Gijiu Kitazawa began the company began in 1917, primarily distributing seeds to Japanese-American farmers in California. Today, Kitazawa sells over 500 Asian seed varieties around the world.


As the new generation of Asian American growers, we’ve created this collective to continue Kitazawa’s legacy, sowing seeds both rooted in heritage and adapted for modern times.